Nuns spotted at Trump’s rally holding Bible and Rosaries

A group of Trump-loving nuns grabbed attention on social media Saturday after they were spotted cheering the president on in Circleville, Ohio. Three nuns were behind the president’s podium, two holding rosaries and a third holding a Bible.

According to John Tharp, these sisters belong to the Children of Mary, a Novus Ordo conservative community based in Newark, Ohio.

During the Republican National Convention, another nun, Sister Deirdre Byrne, a member of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts, called the president the “most pro-life president ever.”

While Donald Trump isn’t exactly known as a openly staunch pro-life advocate (unfortunately, he hasn’t converted to traditional Catholicism yet), his first presidential mandate certainly saw some significant steps against pro-abortion policies and associations. Under his administration, he nominated a publicly pro-life vice-president and he took explicit actions to defund pro-abortion organizations such as Planned Parenthood. During that time, some republican states did vote to practically ban all abortions. Moreover, Trump nominated Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a Novus Ordo catholic openly pro-life judge, to the Supreme Court.

Regardless of his personal course, Trump’s policy of favoring conservatives, pro-life advocates and catholic individuals makes him an obvious presidential pick for most traditional-leaning Catholics in the U.S.

While prominent members of the USCCB (the modernist bishopric conference of America) and other radical modernist personalities campaigned in favor of the apostate candidate Joe Biden, the vast majority of the Novus Ordo conservative/Traditional Catholic crowd (including Novus Ordo prelates) is ready to vote Trump.

Speaking of which, we recommend our American readers to take a look at CMRI’s Mater Dei Seminary latest release, which explains the moral obligation of voting as taught by pope Pius XII.

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